Posted on Mar 3, 2017

Small Business Profile: Radiocrafts

Radiocrafts - probably the most beautiful sound and TV equipment you can find. Specialing in home theatre and custom audio-visual installations, the get some of the best product lines. Doug Stone, the owner, is known for great advice and product knowledge. As a journeyman Tech himself, and with his nephew Tony helping, the two are carrying the legacy of a proud Calgary business that first started in 1941 with the first owner repairing radios out of the back of his truck!

Despite the misconception that the boxstores have the lowest prices, Radiocrafts can often beat them out - they are just restricted in their advertising doing so.

This was a mandatory outfitter for Sarah and I when we moved into our home in Capitol Hill.

As Doug said himself, regarding some of the quality product they carry: "we can show you stuff that will blow your socks off". See for yourself at 710 - 16th Avenue NW.