Posted on Jun 23, 2017

Small Business Profile: Cabin Fever Books and Records

Don’t let your record player or bookshelves collect dust when you can enjoy the magic of the charming little Cabin Fever Books and Records. Couple Don & Susan first opened the store 12 years ago, and since then it has become not just a neighbourhood favourite, but a destination for many used book and record lovers across the city. Susan even has customers from out of town who make sure they stop in when in Calgary.

If you take Susan up on her offer of personalized customer se...rvice, you can nerd out like I did about Canadian science fiction novelists or beat poetry with her. She also loves how many customers come in and flip pages for as long as they want, uninterrupted, especially families with their children.

What you can’t find at Chapters, you’ll likely find here. Even records come used or newly printed. Thanks for your twelve years in #yycklein, and here’s to another 12!