Posted on Sep 1, 2017

Small Business Profile: Burwood Distillery

Congratulations to Ivan and Marko Cilic, and Jordan Ramey on opening Calgary’s only craft distillery – Burwood Distillery! Welcome to the Greenview Industrial Park!

Burwood currently offers a tasting room with flights, cocktails and tours, with a kitchen opening soon. Their products currently include a vodka, and honey-based eau de vie, and traditional Bosnian Medica (a honey liquer). Look for their gin before Christmas, and their whiskey to follow shortly after.

What a story too! Jordan is the technical instructor running the Olds College Brewery program at Olds College, and his father is the beekeeper whose honey is featured in their first offerings. Some recipes feature Alberta barley - among the best in the world.

Marko and Ivan bring their passion for distilling (and Balkan specialties in particular) from having grown up as children helping the village effort to handcrank the still, making brandies from the last of the year’s harvests in Bosnia.

Make sure you stop by if you’re on the bike paths or in the neighbourhood.