Posted on Jul 28, 2017

Consumer Protection Laws Consultations

Our government has launched an important process to improve the provinces consumer protection laws.

We have all heard horror stories of scams on the news, or maybe you've had a bad experience with an aggressive door-to-door salesperson yourself.

The fact is, you deserve to be protected when making a purchase, big or small. And businesses deserve to be protected from companies who don’t play by the rules. We want a marketplace that’s fair for buyers and sellers. This creates consumer confidence – and that’s good for business.

How can you get involved?

-Complete an online survey at, from July 27 to September 15.

-Participate in an open house session (visit for a detailed schedule).

-Follow the hashtag #ABConsumerProtection on Twitter for other engagement opportunities that will be available throughout the summer.

-If you are with a specific consumer or business group, look for invites from your business association/Chamber of Commerce to solicit group feedback for targeted stakeholder discussions