Posted on Oct 12, 2017

Condominiums feedback needed!

Do you live in or own a condo, manage a condo unit, serve on a condo board or have other involvement with condominiums? Our government wants to hear from you!

Starting October 12, we’re inviting Albertans to provide their feedback through the online survey on the following topics:

•how meetings are run and votes happen...
•rules on renting your condo
•who should repair units and pay for the insurance
•how reserve funds are managed and what that money can
be spent on
•how by-laws and rules are made and communicated to all
the owners
•what kind of say owners should get in the rules the board
•what qualifications and training are needed for condo
property managers
•how a condo tribunal could be used to resolve disputes
outside the courts

The survey is available at

Our goal is to have new governance regulations come into effect in 2018 and a dispute resolution tribunal set up by 2019.

The survey will run for four weeks and close on November 10.